What is happening in Aiud?

You’ve probably seen our „Have you heard what’s happening in Aiud?” sticker and wondered what is happening in Aiud. Sorry for the offline clickbait, but we are answering your question here and will try to make the message as succinct and to the point as possible.

In Aiud, Romania we rolled up our sleeves and got to work towards a goal that would benefit the entire community. In short, we collected data, centralized the land of the Municipality and private owners, we created a logo and developed a website, we read studies and guides, and based on them we highlighted Aiud’s strengths with the aim of promoting them to investors.

Yes, our goal is to attract investors in Aiud. Because we are aware that the private economic environment is the engine of any city. When an entrepreneur prospers, the community prospers as well.

However, why this sticker with „Have you heard what is happening in Aiud?” Because we believe that networking is the best way for our message to reach investors. We trust that once you have arrived on the Invest in Aiud website, you will take a look at the page, and then talk further about what is happening in Aiud?

Somehow, our situation is like a snowball that has just started to roll. We hope that more and more people will talk about Invest in Aiud and about what is happening in Aiud?, so that we increase the chances that our message will reach the target group.

Which are our strengths?

  • the A10 highway entrance – you drive faster from Cluj-Napoca to Aiud than from one end of Cluj-Napoca to the other.
  • labour force – at the last recruitment process organised by a private company, more than 400 CVs were submitted for 30 jobs. That says enough about the availability of labour. We also have two vocational high schools in the cities – which guarantees the possibility of qualifying the workforce.
  • land and halls – available for rent/sale. The offer is vast and varied, we have both land of 250.000 sqm and land of 2500 sqm.
  • well situated– 70 km from Cluj-Napoca, 100 km from Sibiu or 220 km from the Hungarian border. There are three international airports 100 km away, which you can reach either by highway, rail or by the European road 81.
  • tax facilities for investors – we grant tax relief on buildings and related land (for new investments of at least 150,000 euro) for a period of 3 years, up to the equivalent in lei of the maximum amount of 100,000 euro granted to a single enterprise.
  • tourism potential – from any point of Aiud you can reach the middle of a wild Transylvanian forest within 15 minutes. Even by foot. Aiud is home to the oldest natural science museum in Romania and one of the oldest urban fortresses in Transylvania. A lot of tourist trails in the Apuseni Mountains are in the vicinity of the town.
  • an administration open to investors – the administration has its doors and minds wide open to any new investment proposal in Aiud. Moreover, the town is in a wide process of modernization, especially thanks to the European funds that are coming into Aiud.


Where can you find more information about us?


This short time that we have taken from you by reading about us is put at the service of a community that wants to develop its city and has all the prerequisites to do so. We are confident in what we have to offer and we would appreciate it if you would talk further about what is happening in Aiud.