august 20, 2021 Aiud

Casa Hațegan

Started as a family business, Casa Hațegan started its activity in 2012 in a rented space of 80 sqm, and in 2020 it has grown to operate in its own location, with a turnover of 1.700.000 Euro and 25 employees.

The company’s main activity consists of a hardware store and two warehouses for heavy materials (structures, concrete, welded mesh, etc.) where they have several vehicles for deliveries to customers’ homes. The main product groups it sells are: building materials, plumbing, heating, interior and exterior fittings, electrical and household and garden items.

The company’s mission is to provide quality products and services, and its constantly growing turnover confirms that it is successfully fulfilling this mission. The company values good customer and employee relations, and one of the most valuable assets is the low rate of employee departures.

The company’s objective is to build a strong brand and the „Casa Hațegan” network of stores to be found in every county in Romania.

The management team of „Casa Hațegan” values the importance of personal and professional development, constantly attending training courses.

The entrepreneur’s words about Aiud:

We see Aiud in a continuous growth. We have a good relationship with the local administration without any problems. We respect the imposed rules and adapt to the requirements. I would definitely recommend Aiud to new investors. Aiud needs open entrepreneurs who do business in an organized and educational way – Dorel Hațegan, director of Casa Hațegan

Pivnița Savu

„Our activity in the municipality of Aiud under the current name started only in 2019, from 2012 to 2019 being a period in which production was insignificant but we studied the market thoroughly and tested our products. Even today the business is in a continuous stage of development and innovation, as we have started everything from scratch.

We believe that it takes a lot of courage but also a little bit of madness to start building a beautiful story…without having anything at the beginning.

Currently the business is run by all family members. Our long-term plans also involve creating stable and honourable jobs.

The contact with the local administration is good, the waiting time for issuing various documents is reasonable and communication is smooth and pleasant, so far we have not encountered any problems.

In terms of business performance, we are seeing an increase in sales of at least 35% per year, this in the face of pandemic restrictions.

We believe that Aiud’s greatest asset is its location. We benefit from an area with access to major roads and rail links. We benefit from a relief and a microclimate that allows us to cultivate the best wine varieties and make some of the best wines in the country. And also to develop tourism.

From an entrepreneurial point of view, Aiud can represent many advantages such as the availability of quite a lot of land where investments can be made, direct access to the national road and the A3 highway, a quite young and well-trained workforce but also the possibility of making an investment in a very wide range of areas suitable for the area.

One of Aiud’s weaknesses in terms of entrepreneurship are those related to retail. In Aiud there is not a large enough market where entrepreneurs’ products can be sold, but only a small fraction.

It is a town where serious investments can be made, provided that the products obtained are valorised in other markets.

We recommend investors to invest with confidence in Aiud. It is a place worth exploiting and valuing. There is plenty of space, there are people and there are resources.

An area to which tourists will soon come, eagerly.

We want a community of investors, with whom we can build a more beautiful municipality!  It will take hard work, passion and courage, but we will succeed, together.” – Sergiu Savu, Pivnița Savu